Thursday, April 13, 2006

Taxes, filmmaking, moving, selling out stadium crowds.

There is a lot on my proverbial plate these days, and I believe I have reached a veritable* nirvana of procrastination. Having been out of town for most of March and the first week of April, I now face a healthy overwhelm of tabled issues. And they just won't stay down, despite my diplomatic efforts to please and appease each. It's like trying to use Robert's Rules with that game at Family Fun Center where you beat down the little gophers with a mallet as they pop up. You know, like looking for a motion and a seconding and then voting or tabling issues instead of just using the mallet.

Okay, that joke fell flat, but it's kind of funny if you take a few days to consider it in all its comic fullness. Or, if someone were to explain it to you. I find jokes are much more punchy after a vigorous academic discussion of them.

So on the agenda of immediate bloodletting importance are my 2005 taxes. Once again, I'm in the fetal position under a desk at H&R Block, wearing a dress with some Klinger-esque move to prove a mental unfitness for tax-paying. It's never worked before, but I kind of get off on the cross-dressing.

Following that, there's an urgent need to put my graduate program behind me, and to do that, I need to edit about 7 hours of raw footage down to 20 crisp, funny, professional-looking minutes for a May 6th screening before the Iraqi congress.**

And also, my landlord wants to sell after two years in this great big house in DC. By May, ideally.

Oh, and what else, my band has just got to be playing stadium crowds by, I don't know, September? So we're all chipping in, promoting, painting fences, whatever we can do to make it clear that Analog Jetpack is the real deal. We definitely pursued some hot leads last week in New York City. So much so that Dan, Robby and I are all (re) addicted to NYC and looking to move there.

The best thing about being inundated with work is that you can procrastinate on any one important task by doing any of the others! Like right now, I'm not doing taxes, film or moving because I'm MySpacing it. And that's okay, because this is my job, really. I'm promoting and whatnot to get my band onto a record label and tour of Japan by early May. Then when we get back, Bonnaroo will add us late in the game and Radiohead will be sorely impressed by our pluck and invite us on tour with them.***

Man, this is all gonna work out perfectly!

I'm kinda bored with blogging right now though, so I'm gonna browse the apartments on Craigslist and tally some 2005 expenses.

*Yes, and by veritable, I mean actual and literal. I am actually in a nirvana of procrastination.

**It's actually not the Iraqi congress, just my classmates. But man, that would be double-or-nothing, right?

***Radiohead or Aaron Neville. Either one.