Saturday, February 11, 2006

Double-up!! "Make It Plane" review in DC City Paper

Pretty rad to get two major hits — the DCist (see previous blog) and now the City Paper — in the same day. Mad love to Ben Westhoff of the Riverfront Times for publishing in DC's weekly!

Friday, February 10, 2006

First review for Analog Jetpack in the DCist

Just had our first review for Analog Jetpack posted in the!! It's a great review, attentive, nuanced. The writer Jacques describes me as an odd man due to my profile pic here. Hmmm... perhaps the bewildered Suicide Girls homage doesn't resonate universally. I mean really, I'm no Pickle.

Anyway, we're pumped about the interview. Robby and I discovered it in the midst of laying drums at a friend's house in Gaithersburg for the upcoming album, which is going to be thaaiiieeeeeet, yo. (Like thai tea, yes.) Our release packaging will be a notable first. I'm heightening the tension with foreshadowing here... because I'm not going to tell you what it is. It's a secret. I could post it in one of those "The specific blog you're trying to read is set to private and only the owner is allowed to know the unknowable about it" blogs, but that doesn't allow me to use exaggerated phonetic poetic license with the word 'tight'.

We had a ton of fun Wednesday night, and we made some friends. Dig:

Monday, February 6, 2006

How I Found My Analog Jetpack!!

Man, I almost forgot what an 8-hour workday was like. I started coloring this at 9 this morning and just finished at 8 pm. Show on Wednesday!!

Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Microwavable Podcast

Okay faithful readers, I need you today to be faithful listeners. Because I was up til 8 am to finish this on a self-imposed deadline.

The older generations (the Greatest, Gen-X, etc.) are having trouble comprehending what a podcast is. But I know us kids of the digital generation learn and adapt quickly. This is new media. This is hott stufff. (Triple-f! Gush!)

As many of you know, a podcast is a broadcast you can put on your iPod. It's an mp3. Just longer and not typically a song.

With this new media in mind, The Frozen Food Section brings you what my brother J-Toth describes as "BBC on crack". News, opinions, interviews, and a spy fiction radio play.

From here, we intend to acquire Sony/BMG and fix their witless DRM problems. That's how much money we plan to make off this free download: we're not merging with them. We're buying them out.


But we'll give Tom clemency, because he has 50 million friends.

Anyway, click here and you can download from the Frozen Food Section: