Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quelle machine extraordinaire

I was encouraged to find a single off of Fiona Apple's "unreleased" album released on iTunes today. The unreleased album is amazing, the now-released "Parting Gift" single is amazing, and Fiona's stuff is generally in a class above commercial music made today. She's an artist using her voice and the piano. I wonder what she'd paint or sculpt or create with film.

After all the fuss made by the devoted fans for Sony to "free" Fiona, it's clear that she herself wasn't happy with the unreleased recordings, and labored on to make them more what she wanted. I imagine it put both Sony and Fiona in a bind to have valued fans demanding her work, casting Sony as the corporate bad guy. But from a business sense, it didn't make too much sense that they would shelve an artist who's two for two in platinum releases.

For my part, I called Sony's licensing department to inquire about licensing the property for release on the Frozen Food Section. Seriously! But like I said, shelving a twice-platinum artist doesn't make sense, nor does licensing one out to a startup. I didn't hear back.

While releasing a Fiona album would be pretty rad for the FFS, it's also rad to be reaching out to connect in the way that she does with her fans. Knowing how much hearing her new stuff feeds my creative soul, I know how I hope ears hear my new album. Summed up in a head nod. Captivated in a mental affirmative. Totally, totally.

Hope you dig it when it's out this month: Hypocrisy in the Genius Room

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