Friday, February 10, 2006

First review for Analog Jetpack in the DCist

Just had our first review for Analog Jetpack posted in the!! It's a great review, attentive, nuanced. The writer Jacques describes me as an odd man due to my profile pic here. Hmmm... perhaps the bewildered Suicide Girls homage doesn't resonate universally. I mean really, I'm no Pickle.

Anyway, we're pumped about the interview. Robby and I discovered it in the midst of laying drums at a friend's house in Gaithersburg for the upcoming album, which is going to be thaaiiieeeeeet, yo. (Like thai tea, yes.) Our release packaging will be a notable first. I'm heightening the tension with foreshadowing here... because I'm not going to tell you what it is. It's a secret. I could post it in one of those "The specific blog you're trying to read is set to private and only the owner is allowed to know the unknowable about it" blogs, but that doesn't allow me to use exaggerated phonetic poetic license with the word 'tight'.

We had a ton of fun Wednesday night, and we made some friends. Dig:

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