Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Analog Jetpack eponymous debut poll!!

Yo party peops,

So following our last Wonderland Ballroom show, the band has been working on a couple new songs to round out our first album. We've just nailed down a June gig at the Velvet Lounge, and we're looking at a short New York - Philly - DC trip with our friends from Chicago, Hey Champ in July.

Most importantly, we're headed towards recording with Jerome Maffeo, the Baltimore-based producer/drummer for Jimmy's Chicken Shack. Needless to say, we're stoked. And in the interest of getting it out there, we've put together a poll for the title of the debut album. What do you think Analog Jetpack's debut album should be called? Here are a few options.

What should we call the Analog Jetpack debut?

This Disk Flies
Nous Sommes La Resistance
Eponymous Debut
Rapture Misinterpretations

This Disk Flies is the current title of our EP. It most definitely works for vinyl, compact disks, and all frisbee-compatible media. Less so for tapes, 8-tracks and Edison wax cylinders, but still cool. And appropriate with the Jetpack motif.

Nous Sommes La Resistance is French for "We are the resistance". It's from a line in "Savoir Sonic" that goes, "We plan to usher in the new stance with the way we play these songs / Et si vous voulez, ecoutez, nous sommes la resistance." This title has merit because anything French is inherently condescending, much as the very indie-pop culture we help comprise.

Eponymous Debut is a great paradox title, which just between you and us, nobody will really get, but you'll get, because I'll explain it to you here. Or maybe you already got it and think it's genius. It is. e.g., Led Zeppelin's debut was titled Led Zeppelin. The album is named after the band: dumbest phenomenon ever. Such an album is thus called an "eponymous debut" because the album shares the band name. Good, I suppose, for breaking a band, but not for historical creativity. By naming our debut "Eponymous Debut", we mock the tradition and break it, because by naming it such, it's not an eponymous debut. It just says it is. Heh, heh. (We're patting ourselves on the back here.)

Rapture Misinterpretations could be the controversial favorite, because it denotes what the Bush Administration's foreign, domestic, and environmental policies are founded on. It's also from a line in our punk number "Punish the Rental".

Other... is for those choosy shoppers who see nothing they like here. Post your original contribution in a note below.

On a final note, this is not so much a democratic solicitation as a meaningful chance to interact with dynamic new poll technology lifted from Sarah's blog. Dynamic, I tell you! Doesn't it feel like the future of voting?

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