Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Janessa Gans on the John Davidson Show. (UPDATED)

What do you mean "Who's John Davidson?" Um, he's only the host of the John Davidson Show, to say nothing of That's Incredible and a host of other primetime '80s schlock. But this clip is the jewel in his crown. One of my roommates and founder of the Euphrates Institute, Janessa Gans, is featured as the four-year-old fiddling champion of the National Old-Time Fiddlers Contest with two others, among them fiddling star Mark O'Connor. VHS gold:

UPDATE: Janessa Gans became a popular target of conservative ire when she spoke out against Blackwater's involvement in Iraq on national television. Whatever, johnny-come-latelies trying to ride the J-train to weblebrity. I've been down since day one.

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