Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rob Getzschman in Greenwich Village, c. 2000

My friend Vic just pulled this off the shelf, one of my first performances after moving to New York City. This was at the Baggott Inn on West 3rd, at an open mic. The club never had what you'd call a scene around it, but it was a place a lot of antifolkers played when they were new or looking for somewhere to play besides Avenue A. 

I love Victor's summary of the night: "Anti-Folk artist Rob Getzschman delights a young upwardly mobile crowd of middle management execs with his melodic ballads of working man blues." So yeah, cool club. 

The first song is the first off my first album, so it's interesting to see it in context when it was a mainstay in my songlist. The other song, "Manual Labor Pains" was a crowd favorite (clearly), though I only recorded a demo of it. 

Kinda painful to watch.


Mathieu said...

I did not know about this blog. But now I do, and I'm catching up on the archives. 8 years ago, huh? Realizing that makes me feel like I haven't done anything since the millenium (or on the musical calendar, "since Songs for the Antidecounterrevolution").

rob getzschman said...

I've been blogging on MySpace mostly, but MySpace blogs have no cred. So I'm porting over my postings at MySpace to here, which will take about 10 years or so.