Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Analog Jetpack, Sahmwise Custom Reel-to-Reel Model

Next month Analog Jetpack is playing in a battle of the bands. Philosophically, I think all artistic competitions are bull. Invariably they award the middle of the road that has a please-all/challenge-none thing going. But this Bodog competition billed themselves as a genuine coast-to-coast competition, and there were no entry fees. As opposed to Emergenza, where you pay them $75 to play half an hour (we didn't bother). But seriously, we don't do battles of the bandses. I ain't no 'merican idol.

So opposed as we are to competitions, we're playing this one for kicks, and we're going to win just for a lark. The first round is next month at DC-9. I hope you'll all get out to get down for it - obviously these things are governed by mob support. For the flier, we've released the Robby Sahm Custom Reel-to-Reel Jetpack. Enjoy.

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