Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The DC Voting Rights Tour 2007 leaves in one week!

Brothers and sisters!

One week from today, The DC Voting Rights Tour 2007 smashes the proverbial bottle of champagne over its metaphorical hull as we set off for Philadelphia! We've been inundating the press and buzzing the social networking sites, and we want you to help us get the word out. We've got one week left to generate a turnout -- not just for amazing indie music, but to baptize the unwashed heathen with the gospel of DC voting rights!!

Aside from being District citizens, we love this issue because it is inherently non-political. Everyone can support voting rights for the DC citizens, because it's the American way. It's why we revolted against Great Britain: to have a say in the government that taxes us, makes laws and wages war. And we're 580,000 people like you that don't have that vote. The blinding irony, of course, is that we are the seat of power of history's greatest democracy.

Do you have any friends or family in the cities listed below? Old college pals? Fickle internet acquaintances? You can let them know by forwarding this email, blogging about the tour, posting it on message boards, IM'ing, texting, calling, and sending a postcard. We recommend all of these in rapid succession. If you want to use our tour posters, you can download all three of them or link to them here:


Finally, and most importantly for our friends in the DC metro area, the DC voting rights tour culminates in DCVote.org 's Voting Rights March on the Capitol (www.votingrightsmarch.org ) April 16th, at which I'll be singing a new song called "Three Red Stars", an anthem for the District in support of the two-century old issue of voting rights. I'll be joined by some of the members of the bands on the tour below, and we hope you'll come out to take place in this historic celebration.

However you can help us get the word out, we'd love you for it! On behalf of Indie Roots, myself, Max, Dan, Gist, The Dance Party, Analog Jetpack and Telemetrik, thanks for your help in making this historic change. Check out our lineups below and read more about everything at www.indieroots.org.


rob getzschman
Indie Roots DC, Inc.

Tuesday, April 10th
The Manhattan Room - Philadelphia, PA
11:00 - Gist
10:00 - Analog Jetpack
9:00 - The Dance Party
8:30 - Telemetrik

Wednesday, April 11th
Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT
9:00 - Analog Jetpack
8:15 - The Dance Party
7:30 - Gist
7:00 - Telemetrik

Thursday, April 12th
T.T. the Bear's - Boston, MA
12:00 - The Dance Party
11:00 - Gist
10:00 - Analog Jetpack
9:00 - Telemetrik

Friday, April 13th
Firehouse 13 - Providence, RI
11:00 - Analog Jetpack
10:00 - Gist
9:00 - The Dance Party
8:30 - Telemetrik

Saturday, April 14th
Galapagos Art Space - Brooklyn, NY
9:00 - The Dance Party
8:00 - Pawns
7:00 - Analog Jetpack
6:30 - Telemetrik

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