Sunday, April 15, 2007

Indie Roots tour coverage (UPDATE)

The Washington Post and the Associated Press covered the Indie Roots tour over the weekend. This makes the tour a success -- many more people will read these than we could reach playing city to city.

The Washington Post ran a photo of me and a photo of The Dance Party in the print edition, and video of Analog Jetpack on the online edition. That's Mick of The Dance Party singing backup vocals with me.

Story / Video

The Associated Press covered our meeting with celebrity via Colbert Report, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Story

And today I'll be singing on the National Mall, at the reflecting pool in front of the Capitol. I'll go on around 4:30 pm:

UPDATE: The crazy wind and rain didn't stop the march, but it did restrict the activities at the Capitol reflecting pool. The scheduled 2-hour program was reduced to a few speakers, including Mayor Fenty, and then there was a mixer or something with Joe Lieberman in the Dirksen Senate Office Building afterwards. So I didn't get to sing, but I braved the wind and rain to get down and see the crowds of a thousand or so. Good times.

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