Friday, May 25, 2007

Do you know where that cookie's been? - UPDATE

UPDATE: This video got BoingBoing'ed after I forwarded it to Xeni Jardin, who posted some excellent animated AIDS PSAs from France. BoingBoing is the widest-read blog and easily the most addictive, and it was cool to hear the reverberations of the post as friends saw it in the Midwest and West Coast. The video has settled down now to about 12,000 views.

I'm happy to share a PSA I produced last month for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC. Serendipitously meeting with a friend last fall gave me the chance to pitch them my services, and that landed my first documentary job out of grad school, a fundraising doc that aired to about 1,000 people at the Washington Hilton. Working with them made me marvel that "Planned Parenthood" is a dirty word in conservative circles. They do nothing but help people and provide affordable medical services.

This project came from a grant to produce a PSA regarding HIV awareness, and the grant deadline was April. The project was wide open, so I took a page from the sex ed and made a graphic illustration of it. The music is Leadbelly's "Keep Your Hands Off Her", which I think fits quite nicely.

A buddy of mine says he's never eating a frosted sugar cookie again.

To see more of the kids I worked with on both projects, check out this interactive story from the Washington Post, and click on the "Fatherless" story in the table of contents. Read more about Planned Parenthood at

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