Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today is the official DVD release date of 10 MPH, the documentary of a cross-country trip on a Segway by my friends Josh and Hunter. These two are some of my most driven and determined friends, having not only completed the cross-country journey but successfully cut it into a movie, which took home best picture at more than one film festival. They are currently working on a new film, 10 Yards, about the national phenomenon of fantasy football.

I'm honored to be performing Friday night at the DVD release party, as my song "A Century Late" (check it on iTunes) is featured in 10 MPH, and they've invited me to perform at the DVD release. All the e-hype can be found on their site, from buying the DVD, downloading it from iTunes, putting it in your Netflix queue or bumping their IMDB star rating!

Congratulations to the whole 10 MPH team. I'm looking forward to finally seeing the film, and I encourage you all to order a copy, download or Netflix it today to support their release!

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