Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Cannes coverage has become the summer fashion

Due to a favorable review in the LA Times, my video coverage on the Cannes lifestyle has garnered the attention of 937 people everywhere! At least, that's the YouTube count after a day. The video, which premiered at LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View yesterday, was seen by Times blogger Jessica Guynn, who had this to say:
"We think Jon Stewart should give this guy a Palme d’Or. Getzschman is a natural Rob Riggle."
We here at laud Jessica's eye for talent and good taste. Clearly she's got a sixth sense about these things. We'll be keeping an eye on her work. See the video below, followed by links to the review and my original post on LinkedIn's company blog.

Link to LA Times tech blog / Link to original post on the LinkedIn company blog.

UPDATE: ValleyWag hails the video as "cheesy", showing that they comprehend the underlying premise of humor. Kudos! And also that Yahoo could take a lesson from LinkedIn's marketing. 

UPDATE: Since YouTube doesn't rep the hi-res, download an mp4 of the video:

320x240 (10.3 MB) or 480x360 (48.9 MB)

Special thanks to Rose Chamberlain for her camerawork and Marcio with Telemetrik for use of the song "Nova"!


Matthew said...

I like that little Chinese "第一" subtitle in there. You're very multilingual.

Ari said...

Robbie- tu est superbe!
In Spanish that means "You are a jackass but I love you nonetheless."


rob getzschman said...

@matthew - I'm only as multilingual as

@ari - Thanks! that means "up yours" in passive-aggressive.