Friday, August 1, 2008

Leave Steve Jobs Alone! (UPDATE)

Here's a piece I co-wrote with my buddy Kris — it took commenters over at Dan Lyon's blog (the erstwhile Fake Steve Jobs) about half a day to get around to pointing out that it's knocking off Chris Crocker, which still gives me the heebie-jeebies to watch. The blog-o-zone is getting so much mileage out of the last three paragraphs of Joe Nocera's article in the NY Times, we thought we'd pile on too. Surprise and delight!

Cheers to Mario, who wanted a "Leave Jerry Yang Alone!" video, but had to settle for Jobs.

UPDATE: With the video at 4,500 views, somebody made the investment to jump-start So that's an Internet startup drafting off a YouTube mini-meme riding the coattails of a NY Times buzzquote that leeched off health speculations about the Apple CEO. Now if some sites poach misspellings like and, we'll have a complete scale model of Web economics.

UPDATE: And Valleywag has posted on it.
UPDATE: And Gizmodo.

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GregM said...

Internet startup? Pshaw! Heehee, hardly.

Just having a bit of fun, inspired by someone's having made me laugh...and hoping folks chill out, relax, laugh if they want, go somewhere else if they don't.

Life is short -- seriously.

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