Monday, August 11, 2008

The blog was invented in 1997

...but in 2008, Office 2004 still doesn't know about them. This should be embarrassing for Microsoft.

Microsoft spellcheck still doesn't recognize "blog".

While the iPhone will autocorrect everything from Imac to Ebay (iMac to eBay), Microsoft still doesn't know what a weblog or podcast is, to say nothing of the finer points of eCommerce capitalization. I can't speak for Office 2008, but that's what updates are for. I mean, sEriously.


Anonymous said...

Now Robert,

You can't let your first-class seat on the MacExpress govern your expectations for programmers in New Deli. The American language changes too fast. Webster's didn't even pick it up till '99.

You do love to wax poetic about your ability to embrace technology - so embrace the 'right-click' spell check feature labeled "Add to Dictionary" and you wont be burdened buy your out-dated software. Rich

rob getzschman said...

True dat, you can always add to dictionary. I can forgive it for not knowing how to spell Getzschman or even LinkedIn, but if Microsoft is 10 years behind the curve of Webster, that says something big. Webster's is print-oriented old media and was started in 1828. Microsoft's bread and butter was always software, evanescent 1s and 0s, and ostensibly they're a big part of the virtual world. Their software should reflect that.