Monday, September 22, 2008

Dr. Robert Sapolsky: Stressed? Try being a medieval peasant

Wednesday night at 8 pm on PBS, check out National Geographic's "Stress: Portrait of a Killer". It's a pretty killer special itself, about Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a Stanford professor I interviewed earlier this month for LinkedIn. Read more here, and check out the video of our interview below.

All documentary footage courtesy Stanford/National Geographic.


rsharriman said...

My only question is why havn't you landed a regular spot on the DailyShow?

Rich H.

rob getzschman said...

I wish I could answer that. Can you put in a request?

Rich H said...

Sure, I'll call my best-friend's sister's cousin, who know's this guy who delivers the ice cream where Ferris passed out last night. Good luck!!

rob getzschman said...