Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Analog Jetpack strikes silver

Analog Jetpack has made it to the second round of the Bodog Battle of the Bands contest.

Gentle readers, as we've indicated in times past, time, and a half, the notion of creative contest rests poorly with us. We've indulged such obsequious pursuits at the odd moment of why not, and have found them both ill-fitting in the hips and of a strange allergenic textile.

But this one promised democracy and the like, and we engaged with fresh faces and rose-colored goggles.

There were some complications in the process, including being stood up for meetings, being bumped to last at a night of 11 sets, and having ne'er a moment to rehearse since our last gig in July. For five hours Sunday night, we swam amidst a sea of Gwar spikes and death metal, platform boots and hate rock, Durst screams and dark bass - and found it not entirely unlikable.

And rambling towards a simple set late on a black sabbath, we sought little more than to rain fire in seven 3-minute pop samplings and call it a night. And though it was late and the crowd had thinned like city lawns, we had a good time with some rough-edged performances. It was fun to play.

Thanks to the fans who stayed, and the judges who found us not entirely unlikable. We're looking forward to playing the Rock and Roll Hotel next month. And this time we'll bring some polish to snap on those penny loafers.

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