Monday, September 18, 2006

The best-selling iTunes burner from "Hypocrisy In The Genius Room"

A week or two ago I revealed, to no small astonishment of the masses, that the alternative classic "Break Out the Mashed Potato", an ode to diplomatic posturing and cultural marketing, was the worst-selling song off my album, Hypocrisy in the Genius Room.

Today I present you with the equally-unexpected best-selling song of the album. I can't explain this. I almost left this song off the set, because I didn't feel like it really fit the rest of the album. But oddly enough, it's sold the best, and even caught me off guard when it was requested live on the radio up in New Jersey.

"Corned. Beef. Hash."

To listen and download for free, click here:

So in the mix of all the antifolkish concept album, this jazzy wtf song seems to strike a chord with some listeners. I've been told the title is a good hook. In a way, it's an empathetic song. "Listen, homes, I want you to know you're not the only one alone." And it features some tasteful drumming by Danny Fisher. As for the sweepstakes, in which I offered a free cd to the seventh caller who could guess the best-seller, um, nobody won. The popular guesses seemed to be "Power Corrupts" and "Pockets of Resistance", but nobody guessed "Corned Beef Hash." I know I didn't.

But anyway. If you missed the auralphonic goodness of "Break Out the Mashed Potato", click here:

And if you haven't heard the anthemic "Make It Plane", which name-checks Mao Tse-Tung and advocates bling, bling, bling until the crowds blow foam, click here:

All these mp3 postcards will let you listen, download, and forward it to friends if you want to. All in all, this constitutes 3/14ths of the album for free. That's hard to beat, unless you download it all for free with file-sharing software, in which, case, it's easily beaten.

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