Monday, September 25, 2006

Make It Plane video-ish

So somebody recently asked in my comments if I had any videos up, and it struck me that MySpace has videos, and that I should probably upload some.

I don't have a huge catalog of waiting videos, though I'm fairly certain I'll find our music video of Faith No More's "Epic" from middle school. Has become a perennial fav amongst the cognoscenti.

In the meantime, my good man Chadwell who is teh hipster shot a few one-take videos of me singing last winter. As they've been languishing only on local hard drives, I think it's only time they found their way to where everyone cares about anything: the Internets.

Lord knows we've shot a lot of footage since 1977. I hope it all makes it onto MySpace. Here's "Make It Plane" in St. Louis in January or so.

Make It Plane quasi-vid

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