Thursday, January 18, 2007

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Today I offer a salve to all the slandercasts, sloganeering and slacktivism of the last 7 years. Some DC friends and I have formed a non-profit with a specific mission: to realize voting rights for the District of Columbia.

It's my feeling that effectively no one in America knows that DC citizens have no Senator nor Congressman. Congress has "exclusive" power over the city of DC, but we don't have a vote in Congress, even as we pay taxes and serve in the military. It's been like that since 1801.

Our remedy for these ails is to take a tour of DC bands coast to coast to let America know.

Please read all about it at

The site is still in development, but we're starting to spread it underground to get the word out. And then we'll release a firestorm of sexxy press releases on the mass media. And then we'll be on Good Morning, America.

We feel like this issue is a no-brainer. Who can say 580,000 citizens don't deserve voting representation in Congress? That's why it's a cure for the slacktivist flash-animation blog assassinations of the political '00s, because this is something we can all believe in, without an ill word toward any party involved. Dig more on the site, and here on MySpace, you can add us at!

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